What We Do

  • website development

    Javascript & PHP, HTML & CSS, using “content management systems” (“cms”), I use craftsmanship to program via authoring code I’ve been writing for almost 30 years

  • content creation (audio, video, imagery)

    Video and Audio processing (“containers” & “codecs”. Photography & Image Editing. Video with “drones”… Video with “Gopro”, code & markup into the site!

  • marketing (seo & social presence)

    Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, & “search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Google & Faceook local advertising

  • tutoring & instruction

    As this site evolves, notice within the content the element of “slang” terminology & paired with precise definition. It is important to build a foundation and we all need to practice using precise and concrete terms. For example on a post I explain a term semantically, then precisely: “make sure your markup is correct validate…